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From the farms and ranches to the wineries and breweries we partner with, prasino is at the forefront of serving the highest quality, farm-to-table ingredients in our dishes. The choices we make, including hormone/antibiotic-free meats, sustainable seafood and organic produce combine to create our naturally appealing Contemporary American menu. Our table is also open to guests of all dietary lifestyles. At prasino, every friend and family member can sit down and enjoy a good meal together that is down-to-earth delicious.

artisanal wines, beers & spirits

prasino's farm-to-table initiative extends to our "farm-to-bar" offerings. Our selections are uncommon, but all share an organic approach in their production. You won't find the "usual suspects" on this menu. Many of our wines are purchased from small, family-owned wineries, which practice sustainability along with stunning craftsmanship. We've sought out an intriguing variety of artisanal beers and offer spirit labels not seen elsewhere in the Chicago area. The fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables used in our cocktails are purchased locally, whenever possible.