prasino philosophy

prasino, (greek word for 'green')

At prasino, we believe dining well means living well. As a premiere eco-friendly family of restaurants, we have made it our mission to serve only the highest quality, farm-to-table ingredients for our guests to savor.

prasino means "green" in Greek. So, it is only natural that every choice we make, from our food to our restaurant design to our kitchen facilities, reflects our respect for a sustainable environment. Our priority is serving hormone/anti-biotic free meats, sustainable seafood, organic produce and eggs. Every effort is made to buy locally whenever possible, but we have also sought out exceptional ingredients from around the country from like-minded vendors. We are proud to present our Contemporary American menu in a refreshing, comfortable atmosphere that celebrates the love of good food, good conversation and friendship.


Our passionate commitment to serving only the healthiest ingredients has led us on a journey to find like-minded vendors to supply our restaurants. We have partnered with many hard-working and dedicated farmers, ranchers, vintners and brewers who take great pride in their products. We all care about the sustainability of the land used to grow food; the natural feed and humane treatment of livestock and, the absence of chemicals and pesticides. This stewardship of the environment and high standards of quality shine through on every plate we serve.

Vendors that design our restaurant furnishings, our kitchen and rest room facilities – even our cleaning products – are equal partners in our eco-friendly mission to serve our customers well and, leave as gentle a footprint on the environment as possible.